Nothing promotes community more than a block party! It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the neighbors, share recipes, and form lasting friendships.

Apply for a Permit

Concerned about the little ones running about during the block party? Worry no longer: you can apply for a permit from the City of Grand Rapids to temporarily close the street. The City website breaks down the process quite well, and the form can be submitted online.

Expense Reimbursement

The Eastgate Neighborhood Association reimburses up to $75 worth of expenses related to hosting a block party. Simply make copies of your receipts (including the block party permit itself) and send them to the ENA Treasurer for reimbursement. You may submit your receipts electronically by email, send them in the mail, or simply drop them off along with your contact information.



1919 Boston St. SE #C315, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Street Party